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Product Profile

This a vertical specific ERP for Construction Domain. It has capability to tune the requirement of Real Estate, Infrastructure and Project profile companies as specialized branch of Construction Domain.

It has modular Structure. There are five major modules which takes care of each and every aspects the company’s operations.

It can be deployed as intranet (LAN) or Internet version. It has capabilities to offer it as SaaS (Software As A Service). It has been tested on Cloud environment.

product profile
Technology profile
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Technology Profile

Web Based (Intranet/Internet) solution through dynamic page generation having standard and structured UI screen all throughout (simple UI – no complex screens) is developed in most trusted technology comprising of Java/J2EE, Oracle 10g, Java Script, AJAX, Apache Tomcat.
It is a infrastructure vertical specific ERP.
It is very easy to operate and offers all the output in .XLS, PDF and HTML directly.
It offers Role based Authorizations, Workflow and Approval capabilities and Email and SMS integration.
There is no limitation in number of Companies or Users. Its System Audit feature helps in monitoring the users.
Enhanced Security and Admin Features

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System and Data Security

  •  Login and Password
  •  Password Policy and History management
  •  Password Strength meter to guide quality of password
  •  Password storage in encrypted form
  •  Access Control over population of each link in Menu through User Role
  •  Functionality (Add/Modify/Delete/View) restrictions for each Menu Link through user Role
  •  Each Click on the system is getting recorded in System Audit Logs through configurable option
  •  At Each data row important log data is getting captured

system data security
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Work Flow Management

  •  Login and Password
  •  Workflow integration Customization
  •  Process level Work Flow Integration
  •  Integration configuration at Process level
  •  Pending Approval/Review List
  •  Time-bar Pending Approval to Alternate Approval
  •  Amount Limit to Approval Authority
  •  Multiple Layer Approval Hierarchy
  •  Approval Trail for each Transaction Request
  •  Access to details of original transaction and appended images
  •  Provision to attach image at the time of approval
  •  Facility to revert the Approval by Administrator
  •  Email Integration
  •  SMS integration capability

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Project and Engg Module

This module provides services from two dimensions.

(1) To manage project planning and execution for any type of project.
(2) To generate the billing and receipt and integration with FAS.

There is facility available to integrate with service and material management module in such a way that material issue at the level of project unit can be controlled.

System integrates the various objects and processes to a level where by Planning, Execution and Fund Management related reports can be generated

Project and Engineering Module
construction erp>modules>project & enginering


Land details management becomes very easy with document management capability. System generated Land Profile provides consistence in all the details.
Integration with FAS helps in removal of reconciliation between two back-offices.
Project Organization gets established formally and system generated project profile brings consistence and transparency on the all dimensions of the project.
Project planning happens at macro level as well as micro level. Project gets monitored at the time of execution. Material requirement gets frozen and management gets opportunity to plan fund and material accordingly to increase effectiveness of the project management.
Based on this project budget gets prepared. It is monitored with actual transactions committed in Finance and variance report offers deviations to take corrective steps.
Quality of the work gets established through inspection documentation.
Bill gets generated for contracting project and Sub contractor’s billing gets generated for reconciliation with respective bill.
Bill and Receipt Data gets integrated with centralized financial system achieves consistency.
Reduces time lag in issuing Invoice from the actual activity performed in case of contracting projects and offers capability of any time billing.
Removal of reconciliation with sub contractor billing and finance department.


Land Profile Report
Project Profile Report
Project BoQ and Costing at PWI Product-Component-Material Level
Project BoQ and Costing at Material-PWI Product-Component
Project BoQ and Costing at Project Product-Component-Material Level
Project BoQ and Costing at Project Component-Product-Material Level
Project BoQ and Costing at Project Material-Component Level
Project BoQ and Costing at Block-Unity Type-Product-Component-Material
Project BoQ and Costing at Material-Block-Unit Type-Product-Component
Material wise Quantity and Summary
RFI Document with Measurement Sheets
RFI Register
Execution Analysis wrt Planning
Block-Unit wise plan consumption and variance of Quantity
Project Billing
Abstract Summary
General Summary
Item wise Summary
Unit wise Details
Bill Quantity Register
Receipt Register
Sub contractor’s expected billing report
Project Plan Variance Report
Project Fund Requirement as per Activity Dates
Project Fund Planner for Project Tenure
Budget V/S Actual Report is getting generated.
Next level of Budgeting is done in FAS for each FY. FY+Project wise budgeting is provided in FAS.

construction erp>modules>service & materials

Service and Materials Management

This module ensures uninterruptible supply of resources in terms of services and materials as planned.
It provides the framework to monitor and control the inward and outward of the supply.
It offers the integration with project module to monitor the supply as per the plan, if required. All the documents are getting generated from the system.
Workflow approval enables easy flow of approval for the procurement.
It facilitates consumption entry at unit level for bulk issue material.
All type of taxation calculation framework is provided in the system to ensure compliance

Service and Materials Management Module
construction erp>modules>service & materials


Complete life cycle from Requisition to Consumption is getting executed in integrated manner
Integration at Unit level of Project is available to control and monitor the material issue
PO Email capability in the system
Consumption JV can be posted in the centralized FAS
Purchase payment integrated with FAS
Pending Requisition, PO tracking becomes very easy
Statutory report generation as per organization needs
Stock Valuation


Requisition Slip
Issue Slip
GRN (Goods Receipt Note)
Purchase Order
Quotation Comparison Matrix
Requisition Register
Pending Requisition Register
       Issue register
Purchase order Register
Pending PO register
Consumption Register
Stock Ledger
Stock Statement
Stock Valuation

construction erp>modules>booking & crm

Booking and Member CRM Module

This is revenue generating module. This includes marketing and member and money matters related management. This also tracks the booking status, payment due, members profile and document submission. All the documentation require to transact with member to sale a unit is generated by the system. Even members’ opting for the housing loan is getting tracked and managed by the module. Various reports are generated to facilitate the operations and customer satisfactions. Multiple configuration options are provided. It is divided in the following modules.

Booking and Member CRM Module

construction erp>modules>booking & crm


Booking Module is designed to manage the requirements of the Marketing, Finance, Legal and Member Management perspective.
Before launching scheme rate card is defined in the system and system generates rate card for the marketing executive. Thus rate standardization is achieved.
System captures the details for the inquiry, visit report and prospective members. It offers reports to marketing manager to identify the type and volume of activity for the schemes.
Booking status is maintained online and highest level of transparency can be achieved. This also facilitates for the multi-location booking and blocking capability being centralized database.
Member profile is always available online to facilitate the services. All the required and received documents from the members can be scanned and uploaded in the system to facilitate document management system.
Marketing Back office processes related to members, Member Registration, Flat Booking, Booking Cancellation, Flat Transfer etc is completely automated.
This Ensure the uniform information level to all concern. Marketing team gets integrated through system processes.
Member Payment, Loan Tracking through Time Lag Report and Installment wise details
System offers to generate various communications to member like Demand letter. It can be emailed directly without manual intervention the on his/her email ID. Also facilitates physical postal by address label generation.
System generated all the important documentation like Booking Agreement, Sale Deed, NOC Letter for Loan, Possession Letter and Declaration Letter to facilitate back-office.
Funding arrangement from the finance agency through Escrow/Lien Unit arrangement is managed by the system through Block wise lien details, Fund Flow for Lien Units, separate Pay Slip generation etc.
System generates Receipt and has capability to manage PDC as Cheques on Hand. Pay-in slip is generated from system and receipt transactions are getting integrated with central finance.
Fund Flow Summary, Block wise Head wise receipt, Payment Due Report etc are available from system to manage the member payment.


Visitors Report
Visitors Summary
Follow-up Report
Receipt Register
Pay-in Slip
Chq Deposit and on Hand
Payment Due Report and Summary
Lien Cost Summary
Fund inflow
Member wise Installment Status
Payment Head wise Acc Summary
All Unit Booking at a a Glance
Booking Status with Financial Details
Vacant Summary
Member Booking Profile
Rate Card
Booking Agreement
Loan Status
Sale Deed
Member’s Declaration
Demand letter
Possession Letter
NOC Letter

construction erp>modules>finance & fixed asset

FAS and Fixed Asset

‘Money’ management is most critical to every business.
This module empowers business leader to Predict, Plan and Provide the fund cycle.
This is offers capability to monitor and manage at Project and Cost Centre level.
All the basics are taken care of with various user-friendly features to generate variant of the core report.
Transaction management is user defined through various voucher types.
Financial analysis and MIS repots gives an edge to mange smoothly.

FAS and Fixed Asset

construction erp>modules>finance & fixed asset


On line workflow for Voucher approval
Multi layer group capabilities for grouping of Account Heads
Automated Bank Reconciliation
ITAX and Co-Law requirements for Depreciation
Budget monitoring
Expense payment module tracks non receipt of bills, which were expected as per the due date and avoids to facilitates disconnection of Service
Financial Analysis can be performed through Cash flow Ratio, CMA reporting
Comprehensive Interest Calculation options
CA can audit from the remote location


Voucher Printing
Cash Book
Bank Books
Daily Cash Summary
Journal Book
Credit note Register
Debit note Register
Trial Balance
Group wise Trial Balance
Balance Sheet
Profit Loss
     Budget Reports
TDS Reports
Fund Flow Reports
Ratio Analysis
Bank Reconciliation
Fixed asset Reports
Expense Payment Reports
Purchase payment Reports
Cheque Printing
CA-Audit report
Interest Calculation

construction erp>modules>hr/payroll


Detailed Employee profile is maintained in the system This module offers Human Resource Life Cycle Management and Payroll This is offers capability to generate Payslip and various reports related to Salary Attendance and Leave Management is once of the important sub module Letters required to manage Employee Lifecycle are generated from System IncomeTax, professional tax ESIC etc are managed by this module Employee Loan sub module manages Load Policy and payment aspects

HR and Payroll
construction erp>modules>hr/payroll


Orgstructure can be defined using various entities

Employee Profile can be defined through multiple dimensions

Leave and Attendance rules are configurable

Salary Heads are configurable

Salary Slips can be emailed to respective employees

Salary Re-Processing can be done multiple time after correcting data till month is open

Taxation structure is configurable


Offer Letter
Appointment Letter
Increment Letter
Transfer Letter
Warning Letter
Releaving Letter
Experiance Certi
Employee Profile
Nominee Form
Emp Info Report
Birth Date List
Head Count
Age Group
Joining List
Left Emp List
       Salary Pay Slip
PF Register
PF Pension Pdf
ESI Register
PTAX Register
ITAX Register
Over Time Register
Loan Register
Loan Profile
Salary-Bank Transfer
Salary Register
Emp Tax Calculation
Salary Difference
       Leave Application
Attendance Reg
Late-Early Report
Leave Ledger Stmt
Leave Cancelation
Attendance Calendar
Com Off Cr. Report
Leave Encashment
Att Cal Summary