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Enterprise Product & Solution

We are super specialized in Enterprise Product and Solution Development.

We clearly understand difference between Application and Product. Our processes for Product Engineering and Development form super set of Application Development.

We have developed and deliver Enterprise Solution for OOH, Agro, Restaurant and Financial domains.

We have offered services for Product Engineering for large scale Enterprise Products in multiple technologies in Education, eLearning domain Based on our Product Engineering and Development methodologies we have developed our own vertical specific ERP product for Construction. This has been successfully implemented at three construction companies.

Enterprise Product Profile
Product Engineering
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Product Engineering

We take care of journey of transforming concept to deliverable product. We thread multiple thinking process in design and development namely Compatibility, Integration, SaaS model delivery, Quality, Consistency, perceived need etc. Our strong domain knowledge on fundamental requirements of Enterprise Structure and domain knowledge offers highly effective and efficient solution without any re-work.

We follow the concept of developing Enginear. Requirements are classified in functional, system, security, UI, Access Control, Licensing etc. Each are addressed at micro level in such a way that a highly configurable product gets constructed in loosely coupled and tightly integrated structure.

Complete development is carried out at the Clientas place through their team. As required team building is also carried out.

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Enterprise Solutions

We strictly follow process automation route to provide Enterprise solution. Business Process Blueprint is prepared considering all dimensions of processes and then Technology and technical implementation is carried out to deliver the right solution.

Project Charter is prepared in form of formal document to bring all stake holders on same platform.

Product Development is performed at our development center following Product Engineering methodology.

Enterprise Solution
Enterprise Product
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Product Development

A multi-dimensional indigenous framework is developed having capabilities to reduce the functional development load to 40% reduced level.

Enterprise product is conceptualized in two distinct components namely (1) System aspects and (2) Functional capabilities. System aspects covering Licensing, Menu Management, User Role and Access Controls, UI, basic functionalities (add/delete/modify/view/download/upload) for each database table in automated form, log recording of each click, Login, Workflow, Multi Company Environment, SaaS framework are available as ready to use component. So enterprise development can be started with directly functional requirements.

As a matter of practice we acquire the domain knowledge before starting development to supplement and complement development process to remain effective in complete product cycle.

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ERP Implementation

We have quite rich experience in implementing SAP. We offer unique methodology to implement SAP. It is said that implementation methodology is ID CARD of the SAP roll out in the organization. It completely eliminates uncertainty component. Our expert services in the niche domains offers benefit much beyond the implementation of ERP as Technology solution.

We also offer Corrective, Adaptive, Perfective and Preventive Maintenance and Support services.

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certification exam portal
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product licensing
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content security
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This System is designed and developed to consolidate accounts of any group companies.

For Indian Companies AS standards are implemented and results are generated in revised Schedule VI

System is designed to customise for IFRS or any other such accounting standards

Architectural Consideration

Multi Currency
Methods of consolidation(LBLA, Proportionate etc)
Accounting Standards (AS, IFRS, etc.)
Types of entities (Partnership firm, Pvt LTD, LTD etc)
Relationships in consolidation(eg Sub, JV, Asso.)
Provision for Out of books effects
Change in Relationship (eg Subsidiary to JV)
Change in Stake (% Holding)
Multi Tier Structure of Group Companies
Carry Forward Previous Entries

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Consolidation Process Stack

Creating ACTB Warehouse
Foreign Currency – Integral / Non-integral
Carry Forward Entries of Pervious Period
Proportionate Consolidation Process (with Stake Change Capabilities)
Accounting Policy Adjustment
Goodwill (with Stake Change Capabilities)
Self Made Company Capital Elimination
Inter company Transactions
Manual Entries
Equity Impact (with Stake Change Capabilities)
Minority Interest (with Stake Change Capabilities)

Process Stack
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Goal for Consoxle

Framework for managing Voluminous Data in Centralized mode with Decentralized Access
Empower for Multiple iteration for refinement
Team Deployment - Minimize Team Size
Redefining Reliability
Institutionalization of Consolidation (i.e. Eradicating Dependency)
Remove Processing in Office Automation Tools eg MSOffice
Signature Ready Outputs
Accuracy Above All


ACTB Control Report
Day Book
General Ledger
Standalone BS and PL & Schedules
Fixed Assets Report
Cash Flow
Fund Flow
Ratio Analysis
Notes on Accounts

Goodwill Report
Minority Report
Fixed Assets Report
Consolidated BS and PL & Schedules
GL Wise Break up – Last mile details

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Media-Asset Management

Property / Media Asset are premium resource and needs to be managed on day wise to avoid business loss or opportunity. It is utmost important to know Site wise profitability through Integration with Material Management. This module facilitates for all types of media – Fixed Media, Moving Media, Electronics Media etc. Complete lifecycle process automation helps in effective acquisition, Booking and Display execution. There are seven sub modules namely Media-Asset Acquisition, Media-Asset Product Planning, Execution, Booking, Display Execution, Post Display Management, Billing and Payment

Media-Asset Management
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Feature & Reports


Media-Asset Acquisition through effective evaluation for Tender as weel as Private sites
Acquisition Contract details online for subsequent follow-up and payments
Media-Asset Development life-cycle tracking on the system right from identify scope of work to site usage certification
Proposal Generation from system with photographs of the sites.
Site Blocking
Provisional RO and ConfirmRO concept for expediting the display process
Tracking of display monitoring and actions taken
Season wise rate structure capability for individual property
Client Communication and alerts through Email and SMS
Bill Generation and payment tracking and integration with FAS
Picture library of Media Asset and Events


Acquisition Inquiry
Physical Survey Report
Business Survey Report
Inflow & Outflow Estimations
5 Year Projection Summary
Media-Asset Contract Register
Campaign Register
Availability Matrix
Provisional RO Register
Confirm RO Registers
Pending Confirm RO Register
Cancellation of Provisional RO
Proposed Site-up and Down Register
Site-up and Down Registers
Flex Return Register

Individual Business
Team Business
Team Agency
Project Wise Business
Employee Business
Client Business
Property wise net Revenue
Two Month Comparative reports
Complaint Register
Revenue Loss
Invoice Register
Receipt Register
Ageing Analysis report

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Sales Management

This module manages the order processing and dispatch management for all the sales. It offers the integration with FAS module. All the reports are getting generated from the system. Workflow approval enables easy flow of approval for the procurement. All type of taxation calculation framework is provided in the system to ensure compliance. Commission Sales is managed separately. Sales return is also treated in a manner stock is updated accordingly.. There are four sub modules namely Orders, Dispatch,Sales Return,Commission Sales


Delivery Challan
Dispatch Register
Sales Bill
Sales Register
Sales Ledger
Sales Return Register
Commission Sales Report

Date Wise Sales Report
Party Wise Sales Reports
Item Wise Sales Report
Truck No : Wise Reports
Lot Wise Sales Reports
State wise Sales Reports
Pending Sales Report

Sales Management
enterprise product>solution>apmc agro

Cold-Storage Management

This module ensures cold-storage operations management of purchase and inventory of items. It offers the integration with Purchase and Inventory & FAS module. All the reports are getting generated from the system. Workflow approval enables easy flow of approval for the procurement. All type of taxation calculation framework is provided in the system to ensure compliance. Costing is carried out to know the landed cost after factoring all the aspects. There are four sub modules namely Cold Storage,Purchase Management,Inventory Management,Costing


   Cold Storage Space Management
   Tracking of Lots in Cold Storage
   PO Email capability in the system
   Consumption JV can be posted in the centralized FAS
   Purchase payment integrated with FAS
   Statutory report generation as per organization needs
   Stock Valuation
   Costing of the Product


Cold Storage Space management Report
Item/Lot Search in Storage Racks
Old Stock Report
Date Wise Purchase Report
Party Wise Purchase Reports
Item Wise Purchase Report
Truck No : Wise Reports
Lot Wise Reports
Stock Register
product Ledger Reports
Stock Statement

Item Wise GP Reports
Weight Wise Reporting
Party weight and our weight and Rotton
Costing Reports
Sale Price Costing Analysis Report
State Wise Reporting
Potato Bag verty Wise Reporting
Potato Stock - Party Wise Closing Stock Daily
Daily Closing Party Wise Stock Reporting
Item Wise Wafers Test Reports